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If you are looking for an independent, start up business with which you may earn extra income while working from home, then please consider becoming a distributor of wholesome, fresh pet food, with Rawlicious Inc. More than half of all U.S. households have pets. Americans as a whole spend about $22 billion a year on their pets. Pet owners are learning there is a considerable difference in the nutritional, digestibility and health value of natural foods in comparison to those foods containing chemical preservatives, fillers, artificial flavors and colors.

We offer the highest quality food for their and your family companions. Join with us and not only cut cost on your pet food, but build a reliable extra income with few hassle’s and little to no risk what so ever. There is no buy-in fee required. This is not a pyramid program. You are and independent contractor, a self-employed business person who derives income from commissions and bonuses. Our growth strategy is simple. We sell only high quality food that is reasonably priced and delivered directly to your market. Offering informed pet owners and enthusiast’s real economic value and super convenience.

Distributor Details:


What is the fee to be a distributor?


There is no distributor fee to join our network. Some companies make much income off of the distributors fee’s themselves. Our products are in demand and of high importance to pet owners. The initial cost to become a distributor is associated with the size of the market you wish and the investment in time to income.

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How much time is involved


That depends on the market you reside and the level you wish to provide. Some distributors are very partime others are fulltime and use our products as a sole income source. We match your commitment in time and energy to scale a perfect solution for both our company and your goals. Scale up or down as needed.

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Does this generate enough income to be a full time prospect

That depends on the market you reside in. The entire pet food industry like the people food industry is and has been switching gears. A more educated and more conscious consumer is demanding better, more nutritionally balanced meals for our pets without all the toxicity. The market is growing rapidly. If you live close to or within a dense area of middle to upper class homes, your market can provide a full time income for yourself or your family.

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Where do I work out of and whats the job?


You will work from your home. Each distributor is a home based business. The work is the delivery of the products to your surrounding residential market. Each order placed within your market will be sent to you via text to phone or email. You will prepare the order for delivey, and deliver the products to the end user, customers just like yourself. Full time distributors seeking full time income have hours of operations that reflect the level of income desired. Part time likewise. Distributors for each market set the delivery times and days available. Making this scalable to income desired.

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What is my investment?


Distributors are required to have chest freezers and insulated food delivery bags. Small economy fuel efficient cars are most often used for the deliveries themselves. Distributors have been accepted with as little as a 300 hundred investment, covering product and delivery bags.

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Who’s a good fit for distributors?


Part time and some full time distributors who do well are often students seeking extra income for collage tuition, retired or semi retired individuals seeking a part time income and families. As within any customer service home based business people with out going personalities who enjoy meeting other like minded people do best. People who have dogs and love dogs. Grouchy couch potatoes dont make the cut.

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Where are distributors needed right now?


We are actively filling the need for Arizona and New Mexico due to proximity and resource. Preferred fast track distributors are needed for the following cities. Scottsdale, Phoenix, Payson, Flagstaff, Tucson, Tempe, Prescott, Chandler, Glendale, Albuquerque. We would be open to other major markets for fulltime distributors.

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How do I start

Express interest and open a dialogue. Fill out the distributor contact form or call. No obligation, no hassle lets see if its a good fit for us both.

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