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Mein my GSD

Rawlicious Pet Food :: Vision Statement:
Rawlicious Pet Food company was started for one reason only. 


noun: greed

  1. 1.intense and selfish desire for something


Hi my name is JD Gigante and Rawlicious is my creation. I breed old world German Shepherd working dogs. Im one of the extremely fortunate who have had more then one, one in a million dogs. GSD and otherwise. If you know me personally you have heard many of my stories of these extra special friends. After the loss of one of these friends in 1995 I began to look into possible reasons for his very premature death. Although nutrition did not play a role, I was amazed to learn that kibble was the new kid on the feeding block. Since that kid in moved in, our pets health have been in decline. Dogs just seemed much healthier in our grandparents days. The rise in occurrence of bloat, cancer and allergies are almost identical to the introduction of fast food,  kibble. Almost immediately after switching my pets to a mostly raw diet, major changes for the better occurred.

My Intense and selfish desire for something

When I placed my puppies or adults I encouraged, or more accurate, really.. really pushed people to keep them on a diet in which nature intended. I would send them home with the raw meat & recipes that built the outstanding muscle, vibrant shining coats & super healthy dog or puppy they where about to take home. During those follow up calls I asked about the diet and how they where doing. I was saddened to learn that many had fallen off the wagon due to time constraints, quality control & pricing. Feeding a super nutritious diet full of raw meat and the trace elements on rotation, combined with the supplements that super charge the immune system, aint cheap nor easy. Furthermore the continued knowledge and grind time was/is time consuming.

During a brain storming session on fixing this issue so my kids in their new homes would have the best possible shot at superior health and exceptional quality of life, the proverbial light bulb went off. Im building a family ranch, I will be selling our own meat from the ranch and veggies to boot, why not make the same formulas that have super charged my dogs and supply this as a complete formula to those that have my dogs. No grinding, no mixing, no continued research and development on their part. A super quality product at a farm price, no middle men. What could go wrong?

Demand for one. Being a smaller ranch it quickly became apparent that demand would in fact overtake our ability to produce quality beef, chicken, pork, rabbits & goat. Fortunately our ranch is surrounded by other small ranches who raise these same animals for feeding their family and friends. When you raise animals for your own table you tend to do so with better judgement into the feeding and care for those animals who will provide you and your family the sustenance and quality that is necessary. It just makes the product better, being thankful and caring for that which will feed your family and friends.

Thats that, so began and so continues the concept of Rawlicious, farm to bowl pet foods powered in science and love. Benefiting every dog or puppy I place and now made available to others with a eye on the optimal nutrition & health. Below please find our goals and a bit more information on why we are a great choice for your best friends.

Thanks For your time

Rawlicious Pet Food

Rawlicious Pet Food Mission Statement:

Provide the same top healthful ingredients to others as is feed right here in our own home. Price it well below the industries recognized “best” while maintaining a superior product. Treat our animals well with compassion and thankfulness for what they will bring to the overall health and vibrancy of our pets and now others.

Heres a few of our promise’s

No food colors our dogs dont eat Red No. 3 and yours shouldn’t either.
No preservatives. Our dogs dont eat BHA, BTA or BHT and yours shouldn’t either.
Our dogs never ran into a corn or wheat field to eat unless they where chasing dinner. No Corn no wheat.
You cant drive a Lamborghini on the ranch so we wont make you pay for one. A fair price
Source our proteins, nutraceuticals, supplements, trace minerals and veggies as if they where coming to our own dinner table.
Continue research and development of formulas that work and are visibly working on our dogs, then provide it to those with like minds.


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