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Prepared Barf Model Quality Raw Dog Food

Pre Prepared Barf Meals

Rawlicious prey model meals are a snap to feed and a big hit!

Balanced perfectly and ready to serve in individually (hand packed and prepared) disposable or reusable containers. Meals consist of the right amount of meat, bone & organ also including fish and seafood. We include in these meals furry and hairy parts :)~ essential to complete nutrition and awesomely the diet animals are designed to eat and thrive on. We also power these meals up using our Nutraceuticals Principles-Best Raw Dog Food

The heatiness and cooling effect of foods refer to their capacity to generate sensations or a result either hot or cold in our body. They do not refer to the state of the food but its effect on the body. Cooling foods are great for all animals but especially animals suffering from skin conditions and sever allergies. Neutral foods are that. Warming foods promote action and energy.

These are hot/cold guideline principles are not rules, so each dog or animal may have very specific needs and others not so much.


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